Prosecco di Valdobbiadene 'Rive Corbeltalda' Vintage 2011 - Veneto

Incredibly concentrated and fresh on the nose, this wine is brimming with notes of apple, peach, and pear, all supported by a firm undertone of sparkling mineral water.
The palate is clean, crisp and yet, tender and smooth. The bubbles seem almost powdery, and there is a creaminess to the palate that integrates them beautifully, creating a sensation almost similar to eating a mousse dessert. An incredible minerality drives this wine, with lemon confit, peach, green apple, and powdered sugar all showing at the core. This wine manages to be deliciously rich and crisp at the same time, offering an extremely well integrated flavour profile and mouthfeel, and a never ending finish. This is a wonderful example of artistically crafted Prosecco.

Brand: Maschio dei Cavalieri
Type: Sparkling Wine
Appellation: DOCG

Prosecco di Valdobbiadene 'Rive Corbeltalda' Vintage 2011