Mamertino di Milazzo - Sicily

Bouquet: The nose offers a bouquet wrapping is accented with notes of cocoa. The taste will reproduce its olfactory, on a fruity background of blacks mulberries and cherries. Large, caressing tannins, confirms its complexity and elegance.
Pairings Food and Wine: With elaborate dishes of red meat, pork, lamb. Try with tasty fish.
Longevity: Over 8 years
The original Mamertino was named after the Mamertini, an early people of what is now the Messina province. The Mamertini arrived in Sicily from Campania in about 310 BC, mercenaries paid by Agathocles, the tyrant king of Syracuse. The name is a reference to Mamers, an ancient fertility god later adopted by the Romans as Mars, the god of war. In 310 BC Agathocles' forces, helped by the Mamertini, raided and occupied the city of Messina. The city was re-taken by the Carthaginians five years later, but despite this defeat many Mamertini remained in north-eastern Sicily. They settled down and, at some point in their history, discovered the viticultural potential of north-eastern Sicily. Mamertine wine came to be highly respected, not only by writers such as Pliny (23"79 AD) and Strabo (63 BC"24 AD) but also by Roman emperor Julius Caesar (100"44 BC).

Brand: Cantine Grasso
Type: Red Wine
Appellation: DOC

Mamertino di Milazzo