Aglianico "Verronera" Riserva 2003 - Basilicata

Monte Vulture is in northwest Basilicata. The eastern slopes of Vulture, around the towns of Rionero, Barile, and Melfi, are the sites of the best Aglianico vineyards. The soil, composed largely of deposits from the ancient lava flows, is rich in potassium and tufa, the porous calcium carbonate stone that is ideal for grape growing. The late-ripening Aglianico variety thrives in this soil and climate.
Aglianico in many ways resembles Nebbiolo, the renownedvariety that produces Barolo and Barbaresco in Piedmont. Not only are both late-ripening, and capable of growing successfully only in very limited areas, but both are also tannic, acidic varieties which typically require many years before their wines are approachable and mature enough to enjoy. Also, both Aglianico and Nebbiolo-based wines turn garnet in color with maturity

Brand: Vultusia
Type: Red Wine
Appellation: DOC