Taurasi 2003 - Campania

Taurasi is one of the highly sought top Italian wines. It is a great red wine, dark red in colour, full bodied & powerful on the palate, it is ideal for rich dishes and meats and improves with ageing. The best Taurasi are usually 100% noble Aglianico grapes, but must have a min 85% by law and grown around the town of Taurasi, an area west of Naples. Taurasi must age at least 3 years (min 12 months in oaks) before released.

Winery Information:

The "Dynamic Duo Brothers" Ciro and Antonello are so well amalgamated yet with so different in personalities and tastes, however they share the same passion and culture in producing great wines. This year their 2002 Taurasi was the ONLY wine to make the "Final" stage of Gambero Rosso, ending just short of the 3 "Red" Glasses. Their Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo also with 2 "Red" Glasses and the Aglianico with 2 glasses. An exceptional range of wines marked by Gambero Rosso as highly recommended, especially with Price for Quality comparison.
- Finalist for 3 Bicchieri (3 Glasses) by Gambero Rosso for Taurasi
- 2 Bicchieri for Fiano di Avellino
- 2 Bicchieri for Greco di Tufo
- 2 Bicchieri for Aglianico

Brand: Urciuolo
Type: Red Wine
Appellation: DOCG

Taurasi 2003